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March 9, 2020

May 7th, Update: We were glad that MSI’s picking up user’s comments seriously and certainly hope that they’ll continue to do so. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. These type of DRAM timing options are common among motherboards based on Intel chipsets, and is really all that is necessary to leverage good memory performance besides frequency control of course.

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Of course there is a lot more to a good motherboard than simply how well it overclocks. VDIMM is adjustable as high as 3. Vcore fluctuated between 1. When we booted up the board, we were pleasantly surprised and it was quite the ‘first love’ we were talking about.

MSI P Neo-FIS2R: BIOS and Overclocking – MSI P Neo-FIS2R (P): Our favorite thus far

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Realtek has an identical technology ready for mass production dubbed the ALCfound in Gigabyte’s P series 87p motherboards.

What is more significant is that overclockers and die hard enthusiasts typically set the trends that mainstream consumers follow. The P Neo also includes a small mountain of cables, connectors, and brackets to take advantage of all the “goodies” which are onboard.

MSI 875P Neo-FIS2R (875P): Our favorite thus far

Ships with the following: While there isn’t the traditional 0. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Though we should eno that there is a nice Windows utility that allows fan speed adjustments in multiple intervals. We did notice some very wide fluctuation changes though; that is, Vcore would occasionally dip to 1.


Today, almost every motherboard would feature tweaks to the core voltage and front side bus. So, for a product to be as exciting as the MS, it has to come with some pretty serious features for the overclockers.

We are currently working with MSI to see if they can remedy these issues immediately, as this is not acceptable for enthusiasts that like to push their motherboard to 8875p limit. Still, it’s nice to see that some motherboard makers are at least making sure that there is absolutely no chance that users in the future will need a BIOS update to allow for higher FSB speeds like with MSI’s nForce2 series of motherboards.

Still, this is an issue MSI needs to address in a future BIOS update as we’re nep that the motherboard doesn’t actually have issues in supplying a clean voltage signal to the CPU if the voltage did actually fluctuate that much we’d probably see instability during our FSB overclocking stress tests. This is certainly a concern for users who are sensitive to PC components noise. However, performance tweakers will rejoice over this high voltage, and will especially like the nice added bonus of being able to more finely tune VDIMM in 0.

We were glad that MSI’s picking up user’s comments seriously and certainly hope that they’ll continue to do so. Log in Don’t have an account? We weren’t very sure of their claims and definitely not too convinced as the MS was quite a hard product to beat.


If you’d like to read more about this controller, visit this web page. Supported up to 3. As we said in our ASUS P4C Deluxe reviewmost desktop users will find this feature to be nice instead of necessary; but there will always be those who desire this capability for something a little more potent than neeo usage.

Beginners Guides Cases and Access. Converting these folks who are admittedly obsessed with speed, is not nneo going to net a company a hudge influx 8875p sales either.

High voltage and temperature variation. From what we can gather, CoreCell acts as a system “health” monitoring device. Starting from the beginning, we find noe.

MSI P Neo-FIS2R (P): Our favorite thus far

A Neo Concept When MSI first told us of their new Neo series of motherboards for the Canterwood platform, we were a little skeptical about its features and abilities. This type of VAGP ceiling is way beyond the recommend default 1.

In theory, CoreCell is supposed to be able to regulate four things: Heck, we’re even geeky enough to get a little excited nep that ” new motherboard smell ” that wafts out of the box once the anti-static bag is cracked open.