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December 2, 2019

If you just plug the GreatEYE mouse in and start using it, it behaves as a normal three-button wheelie-mouse. And it’d look good on a cramped reception desk, too, as long as your receptionist either doesn’t have to do a lot of typing, or doesn’t mind doing it on a cheapo laptop ‘board. Yeah, I know Macs have them; Mac OS also has the decency to give you a confirmation box when you press the darn thing. Right and left buttons, right and left side buttons one easily pressed with the thumb, one not so easily pressed with the ring finger or pinky , and the forward wheel can be clicked down, too. And yet the GreatEYE mouse has the same optical sensor as the big names offer, which means it has their other basic good qualities, too. Right after doing something, it draws 4mA, but after less than a minute of inactivity it drops back to its 1mA snooze mode.

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Doing that at a decently low current draw requires custom hardware, though, and the A4 Tech mouse clearly ain’t got it; it’s using something pretty close to a plain old corded-mouse sensor rig, as far as I can see.

TrackPoints have proportional response, so it’s not like steering your mouse with a Game Boy D-pad, but you’re still not going to be ruling any Quake 3 servers if you choose this thing as your control system. It looks positively, um, classiccompared with the surface-mount, multi-layer-board, super-integrated designs that the bigger names are using in their mouses these days. The Super Mini Mouse manages to pack a normal all-surface optical mouse pickup and two buttons into kptical body only Your computer’s going into standby mode whether you like it or not, and only if there’s something somewhat important happening that standby mode would interrupt – like a dial-up Internet connection – will you get an are-you-sure prompt.

  MS-V056 VER 1.0 DRIVER

Then, a while after making another change that hadn’t helped, the thing just came good, opticla mouse and keyboard worked together in a perfectly acceptable fashion again.

Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. With the receiver a few feet from the computer, mouse control went flaky about 2. Inside greqteye RFW mouse, the story’s much the same. The similarity extends to the sculpted tail light at the back of the mouse.

But it’s likely to suit most people just fine. Add to Wish Greatteye. Take the lid off the KBSRP mouse and you see plenty of discrete components greaetye the top circuit board. These parallelogram keytops don’t change anything that I can see. This isn’t the world’s greatest ergonomic arrangement, and I wouldn’t care to use is all day every day.

And that left all of the other keys pretty much perfectly superimposed on each other, too, as gretaeye can see. Flat minimum is less than three days, but that assumes you’re sitting there with your thumb on the TrackPoint scooting the cursor mindlessly around the screen non-stop.

Both wheels click as you turn them, though.

Review: A4 Tech KBSRP wireless mouse and keyboard, and RFW wireless mouse

The RFW is considerably heavier than the optical mouse, though; it’s larger, and the ball’s weight is significant too. But this one, at least, has no obvious traps. Beats me what greeateye was.

Ortek make various not-particularly-notable keyboards. After reviewing Logitech’s fancy cordless keyboard, I’ve learned to leave z4 gear alone for a while with power connected, to see if it’s doing something weird for the first few minutes, or hours for that matter.


The overall layout of this keyboard is quite conventional, but the shape of the keys isn’t.

At its largest points, it’s about by 56 by 32 millimetres in size 4 by 2. Greareye Tech have gone some way towards solving this problem, because they’re now making rechargeable cordless mouses.

Nothing’s going to turn a keyboard sitting in your lap into an ergonomic tour de oprical, but this thing’s not so bad. The “IR” in its name indicates the communication method this keyboard uses; it’s infra-red. This receiver’s circuit board also uses an edge-track antenna on the underside.

And it’d look good on a cramped reception desk, too, as long as your receptionist either doesn’t have to do a lot of typing, or doesn’t mind doing it on a cheapo laptop ‘board.

The Power key makes up for grwateye Wake key’s innocuousness, though. New Motion Tech’s mouse page.

A4 Tech Mini Size Mouse and New Motion Tech Super Mini Mouse

If you press the Sleep key by accident, tough luck. This was really annoying. You also get a clip-on wrist rest for the keyboard in the box; it’s not attached, in these pictures.

Do you want little, or do you want real little? So I still wouldn’t want grewteye use it for twitch games, even when its ball and rollers were new and clean and pristine.