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October 28, 2019

Gracias Everyone, If you are posting your success, please indicate who’s procedure you have used. I appreciate all the success stories and e-mails thanking me for my posting. The litmus test is that it should reboot in X Thread starter mammoth Start date May 18, Microsoft and the FBI have been notified they monitor activity and there is no need for me to report this: I believe they were for a S

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I use partimage www.

This was the easiest of the drivers to install. If you know of an alternative, please post.

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I put warnings in below in CAPS: I have never really had any need for this functionality, however, it is good to be aware of it because its unintentional invocation causes unexpected i.

It looks like the sound and modem are coupled together somehow. I have dl’d Datars drivers and have it on a CD for quick install. This thread is only for successes stories. The modem and sound drivers are tied together, use the Toshiba driver and see what happens, either it will work or wont period.


It seems that FnF3 Sleep now works. Do not worry about error messages.

I appreciate all the success stories and e-mails thanking me for my posting. DanceMan Procrastinating Member Aug 7, Mi espanol is muy mal. Thank you very much.

You should then see all the yellow marks gone in device manager. Select on second screen “Install from a list or specific location Advanced Click next 8.

Use Datars link for these drivers. Thread starter mammoth Start date May 18, I installed the Datar ATI Video driver, however, the max resolution it will allow on the primary monitor is oeem1 Recommendation Please bs said:.

Download Qualcomm Atheros wireless driver for ARX and Windows 7

When it smokes, fix the damn thing! Google it and download from MS. I am still working on this one, but it seems it is Vista related. Noob I have a S and need to down grade to XP.

Download Qualcomm Atheros wireless driver

As of today I have received 3 feedbacks in email that they have followed my procedure successfully. BS, I am reformatting my machine and will try again. That being said, I have tried several different video drivers and none were successful.


The final ones you wont be able to get rid of are ACPI related and we are all trying to get around that problem. This was the most adpater because it is unlike the other drivers: I’ve seen a couple of posts here that indicate a few problems with drivers.

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I have a S and need to down grade to XP. I invite others to try this and post any successes that are truly contributions to getting the Fn keys working on the AS I was experiencing unexpected behavior in Excel: If you can’t figure my yahoo email address then PM me.

Just wanted to know.