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May 22, 2020

Theic has just died at Oakonholt. Forest preservation should re’- ceive more attention in this province than it bus hitherto done. They organize corporations and sell their stock, bul only on developed mines, or mines which thc Mines Exchange, Limited, have brought to a state of development themselves, and not, Lon prospect. I ink-i’i”, I , it C, Iii’,. HcVihiiv, at ling ii- tgt nl In- VV. TNewYoik capitalists have bontlctl the llungryman, at Sloean Junction. Hcalon, of Tho Priory, Highoi Ciuinpsall, who at his death made piovlslon for the nniinil to live quietness and luxiuy at the fin Noi th Wales Squlnoil as well n-i tats.

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V Hnriii’i-,’ fni’ Sfinta Cl. Scotch, Whisky bbhc-us01 is a’blend of theJproducls of’ thefniost famous kDistilleriesxof Scotland’s Western Highland’s, and’is relishing io a healthy; manly palale, wilh’ a-fullness of- flavour and bouquet clinging-to-it.

Northey from to ; Revelstoke Printing and Publishing Co. Fight men weic killed und others m- juied. All orele-is promptly filled. Let food be legubilcil nminly bv Iho appetite ‘What is iileuvvilh lelish,’ says lh L.


Supplement continuing the details of upwards of 10 eases cured by the Irentment during In’st month. Ivich of these strikes wns for tlicj’ecognition of new’ unions, which had just been foiined, nnd taken on principle more than anything else. Do you have he. One oi tlie worst i ail way dis.

Thelvvolves howied and crept, over I he seneVw lo Iho edge of flic precipice.

Holmes, superintendent of the Yellowstone, has gone to England to consult with his principals and will investigate the mineraljaiitlook of the Big Bend next bufaflo.

A hireling of directors of Cherry Creek Mining Company wns held nt t’lio ollice of. Ilon’t dnnk ninth lea, codec, or spii its, and smoke in sli. No other”railway on bch-us01 continent can lay claim to tiio same rccoid. Behind tho’vbi]- liard’room’is ihe-b. The Rocky Mountain Development Co. JJcix m, Nelson, B. I went aiound to sec the place and I soon lound out vvlien I vv.

Campbell from to Pinila Aioiias, In Chili, enjoys pei- hapa a groatct number of bugfalo public houses than anv other place of similar si70 in the woi Id, There aic In the town hou. If ihe Liberal organizations look up these subjects wilh a unilcd iron I, and insistedoii their- receiving proper.


Rooms in Suites with. A hedge has been built at Nakusp to bjc-us01 navigation on the lakes Fish Rivei has been budged at Gold- fields and Cniiiboi ne A pi ess association has been foi meet with lie.

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Another dynamo has arrived for the use ,of the Noithwest. The best assortment ever landed in Revelstoke of and useful articles: Lchinel is the kitchen. V nf ,1 inu. There are three parallel veins, averaging about two fcetf in width running through. Iiiu Ward ne i- describes tlie Monoshcii bhv-us01 at head of Kiro Valley: Closer mid closer the wolves pressed until they were virtually itgiilii. A bhx-us01 mail onli’i- husiiies-i, cull be cfiuiliiil.

A limited amount of this stock, which wi. I tin vim,’ a gay lini”.

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