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October 28, 2019

My configure line is like: Archived from the original on Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Power Button 2 0. It would blow open the door for many interesting applications and release the power of the PI. Funny thing, if I stop dispatching where I have changed the order, Qt stops receiving the events.

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MMX Software Rasterizer 0. Loading More Posts 13 Posts.

directfbrc (5) – Linux Man Pages

They get layered with appropriate alpha blending by hardware, and displayed Surface reserved memory region to hold pixel data. The last possibility to set a dfb application is to provide parameter through the command line ‘cos dfb parse them in linuc to adapt the runtime mode. Sign up using Facebook. Switched to x virtual x at 32 bit ARGBpitch !!!


This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat I know the difference between the 2 devices. DirectFB provides developers with hardware graphics acceleration, input device handling and abstraction, etc. Single Application Co re.

DirectFB is a thin library that provides developers with hardware graphics acceleration, input device handling and abstraction, integrated windowing system with support for translucent windows and multiple display layers on top of the Linux Framebuffer Device. Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it’s disabled i. DirectFB have two settings files: Layers represents djrectfb graphics buffers. Now the click on a new location with the new one: However, In Qt I still receive the very same dirwctfb of events as before and therefore still have the same issue.


Directfb/Pi – Raspberry Pi Forums

Board index All times are UTC. I am running this on Ubuntu Most of embedded devices have more than one layer. Macintosh mouse button emulatio 3 0. Power Button FF 1 0. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact us. The only difference between the 2 controllers is the dierctfb version – the sequence it outputs the events.

DirectFB –

That doesn’t really help. Lid Switch 1 0. Memory of surfaces could be allocated from video memory or system memory depending on the given constraints Primary Surface special surface that represents frame buffer of particular layer.

This is because I plan to use DirectFB from code that is not launched from commandline. From your description it seems that there’s two different behavior between two devices that uses two different firmware, so there might be a clue there. DirectFB is a complete hardware abstraction layer with software fallbacks for every graphics operation that is not supported by the underlying hardware.


Still have no solution for this. Results 1 to 2 of 2.

Where did you guys get the egl. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

We can try cath some plp from directfb on irc. The result is the same if I run this on console or under X HDA Intel Line 11 0.