October 30, 2019

I couldn’t find a way for the view implementation to NOT know the model but I don’t think it’s really necessary. The Editor framework allows multiple Editors to edit the same object:. Marco Jakob 10 This section will document these interfaces and provide examples of how the Editor framework will interact with the API at runtime. There are further constraints and features, and that’s the whole point of this article, as we’ll see below. Each editor is bound to a type of object that it can edit. I’m using gwt-platform and tried to implement GWT’s editor framework.

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Similarly to UiBinderyou’ll declare an interface extending one of these with generic parameters.

This driver type requires a RequestContext in order to automatically call RequestContext. Can I use Editors to view read-only data? The Editor framework allows multiple Editors to edit the same object:.

Editors that directly mutate their peer object should do so only when flush is called in order to allow an edit workflow to be canceled.

Editot differently, the Editor framework as a whole can be seen as violating MVP: The gtw of objects that you can edit depends on the editor driver you use, but in any case they’ll be bean-like objects.

CompositeEditor allows an unknown number of homogenous sub-Editors to be added to the Editor hierarchy at runtime. Should my Widget implement an Editor interface or IsEditor?


In addition I’d say that your approach puts logic inside the view It seems that it might just not be possible to completely separate the model. Finally, editors edito any class that implement the Editor marker-interface or the IsEditor interface.

But before you edit an object, rditor first have to initialize the editor driver with the actual editor instance to be used. The wildcard is used so that the presenter does not need to know the concrete view implementation:.

GWT 2.1 Editors

Every Editor has a peer EditorDelegate that provides framework-related services to the Editor. The only expected behavior of an Editor is that it will provide access to its sub-Editors via one or gwr of the following mechanisms:. Marco Jakob 10 RequestFactoryEditorDriver has a convenience display method as well. Most widgets displaying or editing values are already edotor most are actually IsEditor s of editor adapters: Editor contract The basic Editor type is simply a parameterized marker interface that indicates that a type conforms to the editor contract or informal protocol.

Call the flush method on the driver to copy Editor state into the bean hierarchy. To reduce wgt amount of generics boilerplate, most types are equipped with a static of method to instantiate the adapter type. An object that supports editing zero or more properties of a bean.


SimpleBeanEditorDriver (GWT Javadoc)

A CompositeEditor that is editing an indexable datastructure, such as a Listedior return [index] for this method. Whether or not these editors are displayed all at the same time or sequentially is a user experience issue. Because the driver is stateful, driver instances must be paired with editor hierarchy instances. This is known as the Editor contract.

The driver is responsible for descending into the Editor hierarchy to propagate data. The wildcard is used so that the presenter does not need to know the concrete view implementation: This would mean that the View knows its model, too kind eitor Editor module in your gwt.

Drivers are created through a call to GWT. The Editor framework uses a Flow Synchronization pattern: Email Required, but never shown.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. One solution is the following: If the composite editor is editing a Collection, this method solves the problem of having no sub-Editors available to examine for an empty Collection.