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October 28, 2019

How to Print from a Chromebook Help: Are you able to get to the options to double-side print when printing from Chrome? There is a spring that runs across the front of this gear, with the portion of the spring that runs across the front straightened that hugs a flattened out portion of the gear. I actually noticed the second arm mentioned by soundtrader7 first. It doesn’t appear to have an envelope feeder.??? On the front bottom where the white plastic gears are remove the large one on the front bottom. I eventually had to lift the metal chassis bracket that holds the gear train in place just enough to get a strong pair of long tweezers in there to rip out that pad and clean the surface where it was mounted with some alcohol.

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If that solenoid and arm combination sticks, it will feed a piece of paper one right after the other. I would also be very grateful for pictures of the disassembly procedure.

It is very hard to see. I’ve posted some photos to help others. Got errors on the install and then made the mistake of trying to print a test page as it offered, and it did the infinite loop printing blank pages. I performed the minor procedure on one of them and noticed the armature was ‘sluggish’ coming back down. And while the is built differently, the pad is very easy to see and easy to access without having to remove any of the metal panels or gears.


Thanks especially to Zylgis, soundtrader7, and angry larry. Mine fell apart as I was lifting it out, but wasnt too hard to figure out how it went together. But how did they manage a print system with an infinite loop?

The pad removal solved the problem. I actually noticed the second arm mentioned by soundtrader7 first. If I had more prnit one sheet, it would pick up a second sheet when the first sheet was halfway through and jam. How to Print from a Chromebook Help: Hi, im having this same problem with my HLW.

Because that is the bomb! Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled.

How do I print envelopes on a Brother HL-2170W Laser Printer

Be mindful of the springs as you take the gear retaining plate off too. Make sure that the envelope is straight and in the proper position on the manual feed slot. Plug the printer into your computer with the USB. Please enter a valid email address. If your question was not answered, have you checked other FAQs?

Brother HL-2170W printer won’t print. Troubleshooter says printer is off, but it is definitely on.

Search this for HL paper over feed to for more details on those models. I read the post about the pads, but that may of worked for that individual. Install a printer Note: Now, using a bright light and magnifying glass if needed you can see where the white plastic arm right behind the gear you removed lifts up against a black pad. There are prnit few springs and gears to keep track of. I did the “procedure” on two of my three HLW about two years ago.


Brother HLW printer won’t print. Troubleshooter says printer – Microsoft Community

Thanks for the link. The advice provided on this forum helped me fix the jamming problem on my printer. Then it all made sense. Select “Brother” if not already selected and then click ” Forward “.

I don’t suppose anyone is near the bay area redwood city to be exact and would be willing to barter to do this to my printer? Did this solve your problem? And in our case we hhl-2170w the printer about four years before the little pad got ‘sticky’.

Repeat for each envelope that you want to print.