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October 29, 2019

Maybe you have other things that will handy to use. Aiptek Hyperpen u on Maverick Yessshh! To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. The 24 function keys are displayed on the config screen, but when I add something there, it will not work. Aiptek Hyperpen u on Maverick One two! October 27th, 2.

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Jan 22, It’s still stuck using the evdev drivers. Thanks in advance, RikkieD. Aiptek Hyperpen u on Maverick Hi naeddyr. Jan 21, 3: I reinstalled it, and rebooted twice. What a joyous day! Before installing drivers it works minimally: You may need to reboot a few times for things to shake out. We’ll use hyperrpen steps.

how can I get my aiptek u to operateā€¦ – Apple Community

Didn’t try uncommenting the core events line. Nov 1, See near the bottom of the Wacom wiki: I would agree if owx were talking about something you could configure via System Preferences.


Tags for this Thread aiptekdrivertablet. The things I would like to config are the function keys, the buttons from the stylus and the speed to scroll or make the workspace smaller to avoid RSI problems.

October 27th, 5. October 27th, 2.

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I only tested this in GIMP, so it might just be that. The function keys aren’t configurable right now but instead hard coded in the driver.

I’ll copy from Xorg. Results 1 to 10 of October 27th, 3.

First I telll you that i’m an ex windows early mac user, so I don’t understand several thing in Mac. Jan 21, 9: If it isn’t install it; if it is reinstall it and reboot. The time now is I downloaded the code and started the script. David have a look at http: Ask a question Reset.

Aiptek graphic tablets. Do they work in OSX?

Aiptek Hyperpen u on Maverick input –list: I installed the xserver-xorg-input-aiptek package through Synaptic, and then followed what the wiki said for October 27th, 9. User profile for user: Join Date Aug Beans Hidden! Apr 27, 3: