November 4, 2019

This read only register is an additional marker. When you select the DMA option, the generated example design includes a direct memory access application. Create testbench Platform Designer system. Set this bus to 0x When asserted, indicates that the memory is not ready to receive data. This table applies across device families.

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Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_DMA_ENGINE: Support for DMA engines

You cannot disable this signal. Consequently, writing these registers must be the last step in setting up DMA transfers.

Set when any received TLP is poisoned. Chippset end-to-end cyclic redundancy code ECRC generation and checking and advanced error reporting AER for high reliability applications.

Please contact your Altera sales representative for PLL and channel usage. Mask for data parity error detected at the input to the RX Buffer. The following values specify the range: Equalization, Phase 1 Specifies the scale used for the Slot power limit.

This parameter requires you to enable the AER capability. If you specify that a memory is prefetchable, it must have the following 2 attributes:.

The upper 12 bits of the prefetchable base registers of the Type1 Configuration Space. Also includes the following files: Using memory writes should allow for higher throughput than configuration writes.


The cihpset 12 bits of the prefetchable limit registers of the Type1 Configuration Space. The address boundary must align to the 32 bits so that the 2 least significant bits 500 the value of 2’b Enable RX-polarity inversion in soft logic. The source address is in the Avalon-MM address space. Defines the characteristics of the slot. Equalization, Phase 1 5’b: Completion Locked with Data.

CONFIG_DMA_ENGINE: Support for DMA engines

This parameter is set to allow system configuration software to read the acceptable latencies for all devices in the system and the exit latencies for each link to determine which links can enable Active State Power Management ASPM.

Turn this option off if you plan to modify or replace the descriptor controller logic in your design. Removed list dhipset static example designs from Design Examples.

Specifies up to descriptors. Added optional parameter to invert the RX polarity. When asserted, indicates that the read targets this slave interface. A byte packet is the minimum packet size for Ethernet. Supports out-of-order completions when the original request is divided into multiple requests to adhere to the read request size.


Intel Arria 10 or Intel Cyclone 10 GX Avalon -MM DMA Interface for PCI Express Solutions User Guide

Correctable Error Status Register The default value of all the bits of this register is 0. You must program this register after programming the upper 32 bits at offset 0xC. To thoroughly test your application, Intel suggests that you obtain commercially available PCI Express verification IP and tools, or do your own extensive hardware testing, or both. If an IP core version is not listed, the user guide for the previous IP core version applies.

The real application throughput is reduced by several other factors. Reinstated Design Implementation chapter. Sets the read-only value of the Device ID register. Reference clock for the IP core.