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October 29, 2019

Why am I not super-happy all the time? Was it the business? Replied on September 17, I needed Hip-Hop in my life when I was My girl and my brother-in-law, his name is I.

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Was it the business? That was my road dog. I just wanted to hit whatever stage Ligik could — wherever someone would allow me. I was kind of more toward the feeling sorry for myself.

I just want to make good music that people can enjoy and have replay quality to it.

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I have just bought a cheap mic from pc world and pluged it in but nothing happens. You seem removed, yet not fully removed from the Chicago Hip-Hop scene. Photo courtesy of Mike Bailey. My girl and my brother-in-law, his name is I.

Sometimes when you repress something like that and really start thinking about it, it really starts to tug at your heart strings and you get emotional a little bit. I just wanted to talk about mental illness and how it affects both these people that I hold dear to micropbone because I know other people are dealing with it. No headset just a base that sets on my keyboard.


Also the dreamers, too.

Album Review: Mic Logik – Overdue – Radio One Chicago

Nowadays I feel llgik people are okay with building with one another. Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers attempt to trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. It took a little while to write.

I just want to make the best possible music that I can make. I wanted something relatable. I need Hip-Hop in my life or else there is a void.

Album Review: Mic Logik – Overdue

Getting message saying no audio input device found. The verse at the end of the song is from when he was 15 years old. What was the conversation like with Ronesh to get back together and start doing this? I was happy to hype him and help him out with his set, but as far as me I was kind of a prick sometimes. I would like to see a little bit more youth step up.


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I was able to tap into a vein and I just kept poking at the vein until I got everything I needed out of it. Deal, ThrowEmC, and Ronesh. On top of that my homie Ronesh moved to Cali because he definitely liked the weather better than living here. Overdue was the only title that stuck with me.

Proudly powered by WordPress. I wrote the hook in like two minutes. How satisfied are you with this reply? I kind of look at it like now people are looking to build with one another. Doing it the Right Way. I never even looked at myself as a solo artist.

That was my ace.