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March 26, 2020

About SuperDrive Firmware Update 3. Apple SuperDrive Firmware Update needs a rating. Suggest other similar software suggested. It is not clear that replacing the internal drive will last a long time. I tried to install Snow Leopard. I have a feeling this problem was known very early and sort of swept under the table.

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When he moved the same external drive to a Windows machine, it worked fine.

And the TV for movies. For detailed information about this More The updater will launch automatically when the installation is complete. Even if this disk problem has not been identified and cured, to know what hurdles I matshuta facing, and that I am not alone is worth a lot.

Follow This App Developer website: I passed on their offer, bought a new drive off eBay and installed it myself at a significantly lower cost.

Thank you so much for this aggregation.

dvd-d It would be much easier if Apple offered Snow Leopard as a downloadable software. Internal Matshita drive is ATA data rate. Toplease Login. Some find the issue is intermittent, while others find it constant.

Matshita DVD-r UJ – Apple Community

A smaller group of users on the forums believe the installation of Snow Leopard is to blame, though many others are quick to point out that these problems have existed long before Snow Leopard.


That the company seems to care so little about us as a consumer is matsyita at best. After suffering a remote install of This summary was very helpful. Sep 29, 9: I have tried cleaning the superdrive, resetting PRAM and slowing down the writing speed. I am affected by this problem too. Mine worked flawlessly until just after Apple care ended at the end of May.

Panasonic (Matshita) UJ-846 slim dual layer Superdrive (Apple) : Recycled

If only Apple or any manufacturer would offer the honest level of practical detail and candor that your article provides. I live in a rural area, far away from Apple repair service. The use of a DVD cleaning disc fixed it, and fixed it again a few months later when it once again started rejecting blank CD-Rs.

Promo Desktop Apps for you Blog. I have ordered an external firewire optical drive to see if I can load Snow Leopard. It is difficult to eject discs and multiple keystroke attempts and restarts are dvs-r to release disc. Disk utility successfully burned the disk, it showed up in finder was able to use it, then i ejected it. Hopefully someone will figure it out. SDrv has had only infrequent use over its life PB bought in australia in dvd-rr july The SuperDrive has always had problems reading DVD’s but only recently faulted on burning function.


It just ejects the disk.

MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-846 Firmware FM3J download

Another thread on SuperDrive hj-846 that Apple has marked “Answered”, but it hasn’t been answered at all:. Causes Offered — Given these symptoms, users have been putting their heads together, talking with Apple Geniuses, and consulting with other knowledgeable techies to arrive at some possible causes.

Unfortunately, the problem seems to be the hardware.

Merged Content 1 Merged Content 1. It is a widespread problem, and nothing to do with Snow Leopard since I haven’t gone there yet.

To leave a comment, you need to be logged in. This has been a problem not only with Superdrives.