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October 29, 2019

The other reason is that during the turn on and off periods, the dissipation could be significantly higher than in a steady condition. Taking resistor technology beyond RoHS. So the rating is not quite what you think it is. How do you calculate the values required? And it does not work no light. The selection of a sufficient series resistor power rating is a bit tricky.

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Also, the 1K should be sized value wise for proper gate current. Ihe indicator diode in your circuit should be in parallel instead of series. Dec 248: Using MOC opto triac for direct load switch of a power supply. I have disconnected the Isolator signal completely, nothing changed. Sign up using Email and Password.

MOC Opto-Isolated -Triac- Driver- IC

Heat sinks, Part 2: Driving Triac using Opto from A microcontroller It is intended mocc3021 be a trigger device only. Related to source pull simulation for rectifier 0. The MOC is conducting so the voltage across it is decided by the forward drop of the triac in it’s conducting state.

And it does not work no light.

MOC Triac Driven Optoisolator Pinout, Specs, Equivalent & Datasheet

Originally Posted by rajudp. Wesley Lee 5, 5 22 How do i check whether an I2C device works?


Radiation Detection Circuit 1. It also has a decent rise and fall time and hence can be used to control the outptu voltage. I can’t see IGT referenced elsewhere in the document, does this refer to input diode forward tgiac maximum? I only have to switch V and mA. Similar Threads how to control mains supply using relays 3.

You cant turn off a triac with DC. DAC input digital signals, how to generate? With a small uC, costing less than a NE! They are cheap and easy to find. In MOC’s datasheet it is a “warning” such that: Taking resistor technology beyond RoHS. Short circuit protection in PCB design 5.

Either way the normally an opto-coupler will not be allowed to drive loads directly due to its limited current rating. You need to use a transistor output optocoupler, such as 4N25, etc.

How do you calculate the values required?

The statement from the manufacturer about not using it directly may be implying that should there be a failure of the device there could be a cross over of voltage as the device blows up internally and allows the line voltage direct access to your low voltage dc side without a current limit of even a resistor. Using an opto-triac MOC to control a mains lamp And the maximum power, does anyone know how I calculate that for an 8A triac?


MOC3021 Opto-Isolated Triac Driver IC

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Related to source pull simulation for rectifier 0. More likely the reason your lamp does not light is you are placing two LEDs in series on a DIO pin that only provides 3.

For example at 30 degree Celsius of ambient temperature the rate of change of voltage with respect to time will be 9V per unit time, where unit time is uS. Your two Vf in series is much too close to your Vcc.